Autovoltek ChargeRobot Pre-Order - Tesla Vehicles

Autovoltek ChargeRobot Pre-Order - Tesla Vehicles

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The Autovoltek ChargeRobot is a smart and affordable automated EV charging robot for home use with Tesla Vehicles.

One big downside of EVs compared to gas car is the additional step of having to plug and unplug daily. Rather than bother with a daily annoyance, ChargeRobot turns charging your EV into something you won't have to care about.

Simply plug in your Tesla charging connector into the robot and set your charging schedule, and the ChargeRobot will use its onboard AI and computer vision to locate the charging port door, pop it open, and plug itself in and charge using power from your wall charger. 

Advanced computer vision technology lets the ChargeRobot accurate find the charging port and plug itself in, with no precision parking required on your end. 

This is a fully refundable pre-order to reserve a ChargeRobot for Tesla Models. MSRP $1888. Estimated delivery time March 2024. 

ChargeRobots for other EVs are also currently in development, with reservations coming soon.

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